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Jaegher is a world class award-winning bespoke race cycle brand we started ourselves. With customers like Tom Boonen, Tim Merlier etc. Crafting a brand involves every interaction, no matter how minor. Every detail counts as we aim to offer the best experiences, both online and offline. From product design to flagship stores, bicycle customizers, exhibition stands, online colour tools, social media guidance, colabs, brochures, packaging, events and more — we're dedicated to excellence at every turn.

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Jaegher is primarily an online brand, with our website serving as the cornerstone of our identity. It's the heart of our brand, guiding every aspect of our creations. From here, users can delve deep into our brand through various online tools, such as a color tool or a made-to-measure questionnaire to help find the perfect racing cycle.
Visitors can also schedule meetings directly through the website. With 150 to 200 new cycling enthusiasts visiting our site every day, it's vital to ensure an exceptional online experience.

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