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A complete rebranding of Belgiums biggest indoor furniture brands.


At home, I am Juntoo. Thuis ben ik Juntoo. Home is the only place where you can truly be yourself, in all your facets. At home, you're romantic and mischievous, outgoing and calm, blissfully alone and with friends. This versatility, both in furniture and emotions, forms the common thread throughout the brand’s DNA and proposition.

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In 2019, Untitled Workers Club began a collaboration with Juntoo, resulting in a significant transformation of the Overstock Homebrand into Juntoo. This renewal included a complete 360° makeover and the launch of a campaign.

This successful strategy is now translated into a new follow-up campaign consisting of a 20-second TV commercial, six different 10-second TV commercials, and a social media campaign. In tactical periods, the campaign is strengthened with 20-second radio commercials.

Special thanks to:
Thomas Vaarten, Ellen Vandeleene, Nicky Blondé
Lovo, Gregoris Rentis, Sonhouse

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