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How Rubens won the fight against Facebook.
Rubens versus Facebook

Rubens versus Facebook

"Nude viewers" ejected from museum as Rubens' art faces ongoing censorship. In the 17th century, Rubens was asked to cover certain body parts of his Venus figures. Today, social media bans Rubens' works, lacking nuance in distinguishing art from pornography. Flanders humorously showcases this censorship, as seen in Rubens House, where Facebook users were politely but firmly asked to leave if viewing art.

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This video went viral in more then 27 countries and created a media value of + 115 mio euro.
Rubens & Flanders were an important conversation topic on social media: reach + 51 mio mensen (value + 37 mio euro).

Special thanks to:
Toerisme Vlaanderen: Tama D’haen
And Marilyn Blondé, Jan Sidgwick, Peter Van Wijnaerde
Ann Maes - Flrish

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