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Co-own masterpieces & support museums with Rubey security tokens.


Rubey is our proprietary digital brand, revolutionizing art investment with art security tokens. With Rubey, everyone can invest in high-quality art, which is exhibited in the world’s finest museums. Museums can expand their collections, allowing masterpieces to become visible to everyone. By investing in Rubey, you can diversify your investments and have a positive societal impact, all through a regulated and recognized financial product.

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The painting ‘Carnaval de Binche’ from the renowed painter James Ensor was held in private collections for many years. Thanks to Rubey and the token holders, the piece can now be loaned to the KMSKA and finally shown to the general public. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA) has the largest Ensor collection in the world and also runs its own research centre on Ensor's pieces. The piece is in good hands and the research centre will thoroughly research its value.

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