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Aiming to maintain their position on the international traveler's radar post-corona.
Art Cities Flanders

Art Cities Flanders

'Small cities. Great experiences'. With this captivating slogan and strategic approach, UWC and the Art Cities of Flanders achieved remarkable success. Through a series of over 20 crafted digital ad campaigns, engaging podcasts, fruitful collaborations with media outlets, insightful native articles and compelling influencer content, we witnessed a surge in brand awareness across our six key markets. This surge not only fueled a complete recovery in tourism but also surpassed our revenue targets.

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In 2020, amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, VISITFLANDERS and the Flemish art cities collaborated to revive tourism, aiming to maintain their position on the international traveler's radar post-corona. Untitled Workers Club was brought on board to assist with the campaign. Untitled Workers Club initiated a strategic positioning effort, encapsulated by the slogan 'Small cities. Great experiences.', to highlight each city's unique attractions while emphasizing their collective charm. The campaign began by targeting neighboring countries (The Netherlands, UK, France and Germany) through various social media and influencers campaigns.

In 2022, the campaign expanded its reach to include Spain and Italy. The campaign reached its pinnacle in 2023 with a superhero-themed social media campaign, inviting potential travelers to experience the thrill of flying like a superhero over the beautiful landmarks in the art cities. Over three years of collaboration with Untitled Workers Club, the efforts of VISITFLANDERS, the art cities, and their partners have maintained visibility and resulted in reaching millions of people and attracting thousands of visitors.

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