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A spotlight on Ostend — hometown of the painter James Ensor.
Baden Van Oostende

Baden Van Oostende

"Ensor is to Ostend what Frank Sinatra is to New York." For the opening of the revamped Ensorhuis, a campaign was essential. Despite lacking funds for purchasing media, we managed to secure media coverage for free. The event became a national news item, and several newspapers generously provided us with double-page spreads, showcasing our contemporary interpretation of Ensor's "Baths of Ostend". This extraordinary coverage resulted in a remarkable outcome.

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During the COVID-19 lockdown, people were longing to step out of their everyday boring and isolated life to experience some social interaction again. In the summer just after the first lockdown, we translated this strong societal need into a successful earned media campaign.

Hundreds of actors were needed for this project. So we launched a call that was as mocking as the spirit of the great master himself. We pushed the right button, apparently: the requests to take part in this exuberant setting were overwhelming.

The participants could play a role in a contemporary version of Ensor’s well-known painting ‘The Baths of Ostend’. The Belgian photographer Athos Burez was the new master of this artwork. At first glance, the work is a tribute to the old painting. But Burez gave it a contemporary touch. He subtly and satirically shows the clichés of our society and addresses themes such as fugitives, pollution, mass tourism and inclusion.

The result, call for actors and the shooting days all became the talk of the town and of the (inter)national media. Athos Burez’s artwork became a center piece of the permanent exhibition in the Ensor House.

Special thanks:
Toerisme Vlaanderen: Tama D’haen, Pauline Steverlynck, Vincent Buyssens & Johan Verest
Visit Oostende: Pieter Hens, Isolde Simoens & Niels D'Hoedt
Visual Artist (kunstenaar & fotograaf): Athos Burez
Productie kunstwerk: Nono C. Production - Chanel Selleslach
Retouches: Yelle Vandenbruaene
Productie Teaser / After movie: Robin StevensMedia:
Affichage: Rapid Media
Social media: Toerisme Vlaanderen

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