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Keep the cultural treasures of Flanders top of mind during the lockdown.
Stay at home museum - Tourism Flanders

Stay at home museum - Tourism Flanders

Through this campaign, Tourism Flanders and its museums successfully maintained prominence throughout the lockdown period. We orchestrated curated guided tours, broadcasted via Facebook Premiere, fostering engagement among viewers who could connect with fellow participants and pose questions to art experts during live Q&A sessions. The campaign garnered immense success, earning recognition as the best international lockdown program by the BBC.

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Due to the lockdown, a lot of museums had to close their doors and people no longer had the opportunity to travel to the home of the Flemish Masters. Nonetheless, people were longing for cultural inspiration and to connect with like-minded people.

Together with Visit Flanders, we created a special experience: to send art lovers worldwide on a virtual cultural trip during the lockdown period. Even though we couldn’t bring people physically together around our Flemish heritage, that didn’t mean we could not share our passion with the world anymore. So we launched ‘The Stay At Home Museum’. 5 Virtual tours in 5 different museums, guided by the curators and directors.

The tours were streamed on Facebook Premiere which made it possible to connect with other viewers and ask an art expert questions during a live Q&A.

Special thanks:
Toerisme Vlaanderen: Tama D’Haen, Pauline Steverlynck & Johan Verest
Productie: Ian Segal, Rinus de Wilde
Media: Duke & Grace

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