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The Return of The Flemish Masters

The Return of The Flemish Masters

How do curators, room managers and staff of prestigious international museums feel as the Flemish masterpieces disappear from their museum and are returned to the KMSKA after 10 years of renovation? To emphasize this emotion, we re-recorded the world hit "Without You".

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After a decade-long renovation, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts (KMSKA) is finally unveiling its doors once again. In support of this grand reopening, Tourism Flanders is launching a campaign in our neighboring countries. For art enthusiasts from abroad, the KMSKA stands as the quintessential destination to delve into Flemish Masters like Rubens and Ensor, who are showcased alongside other international masterpieces within the museum's walls.

Throughout the renovation of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, its iconic masterpieces embarked on a global journey to esteemed museums such as the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, The Getty in Los Angeles, Le Louvre in Paris, the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, and the Gemäldegalerie Berlin. These loans to prestigious institutions serve as a testament to the significance of visiting the KMSKA—where all these remarkable works are now reunited under one roof.

The collaboration and international cooperation between museums have ensured that the KMSKA's art collection hasn't remained confined to a vault for the past decade. Instead, it has been showcased across the globe. It's truly inspiring to witness these museums not only as rivals but also as collaborators, joining forces for the campaign heralding the reopening of the KMSKA.

This collective effort has resulted in "The Return of The Flemish Masters" to the KMSKA being associated with a list of esteemed international museums, conveying a sense of loss tinged with humor. Moreover, this creation ensures that the participating museums will also share the film through their respective social media channels.

Special thanks to:
Toerisme Vlaanderen: Pauline Steverlynck & Katrien Timmermans
And: Robin Stevens, Maarten Gykeire, Damien Timmerman, Arthur Brouns, Romy Vierhouten, Emiel Raeymaekers
Mindshare, ChoriX, Nathalie Pauwels, Leden van De Schoonste 100
MedewerkersKMSKA / Medewerkers deelnemende musea: Gordana, Peter, Anne & Joella
KunsthistorischesMuseum Wenen, Gemäldegalerie Berlijn,  J.Paul Getty Museum & Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

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