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Untitled Workers Club and Cofidis have been working together since 2020 and have made significant efforts in recent years to strengthen the company's image. The collaboration between UWC and Cofidis has elevated the brand values of Cofidis to unprecedented levels, resulting in significantly heightened brand attribution.

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Also for this campaign, Cofidis has chosen to use television to emphasize the positioning message: "In a world where we do not judge each other, everyone moves forward more easily." Untitled once again embraced a distinct Cofidis signature, employing the renowned song "Sunny" for swift brand recognition, while sunlit scenes subtly nod to the Cofidis logo.

This time, an additional element strengthens the attribution. The introduction of "Sunny Marie." A woman wearing a yellow jacket and a red beret wanders around the city, encountering diverse scenarios where individuals freely pursue their desires, facilitated by the credit they've secured. From painting a house in rosy hues to embarking on a weekend escapade with a towering unicorn, the vignettes epitomize the liberty afforded by Cofidis.

Online, an array of videos has been crafted, delving deeper into "consideration" arguments, elucidating both why consumers should opt for Cofidis as their credit expert and the myriad benefits offered by products such as renovation loans, personal loans, or the Cofidis Mastercard. Simultaneously, the entirety of the photographic database has been enriched with fresh imagery, further enhancing the campaign's visual narrative.

Special thanks to:
Cofidis: Pierre Bertrand, Greet Vandenberghe, Maïté Laline, Renaud Facon
Lovo: Bert Brulez, Cho Kuo, Mr. François
Britt Guns and Sonhouse

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