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Hoe Buiten. Hoe Beter. Enjoying the outdoors is invaluable. Outside has no closing time. Outside has no walls. Moments are lived more intensely there. And it is precisely this variety of extraordinary outdoor events that Untitled Workers Club wanted to honor.

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The concept of a film trailer provided us withan interesting creative framework. The opening line of the ad 'Exterioo presents: The more outside, the better' seamlessly integrates the brand and the tagline. This ensures good brand attribution and furthermore, could easily be extended across various media platforms, enhancing the campaign's recognizability.

The ad plays with the techniques of a filmtrailer. We can easily showcase various characters, all enjoying their Exterioo outdoor furniture. There's more focus on the product, and just like in a filmtrailer, the story should be fun and enticing, allowing us to even create time for all sorts of promotions.

We created a television, radio and online campaign and refined the brand guide. The campaign runs throughout the year indifferent waves.

Special thanks to:
Exterioo: Nicky Blondé, Thomas Vaarten, Delphine Declercq
Lovo: Cho Kuo & Bert Brulez, Hyun Lories
Fotograaf: Britt Guns
Sound: Sonhouse

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