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Hasselt De Kus

Hasselt De Kus

The neighborhood surrounding Hasselt Railway Station, located just 1 km from the town center, is slated for renovation in the near future. It's crucial to perceive the area around the station and the town center as interconnected components of the city rather than distinct entities. To symbolize this interconnectedness, we proposed a literal kiss between the town center and the railway station quarter.

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However, engaging the citizens of Hasselt in this significant project for a part of their city they seem to overlook presents a challenge.
To bring this idea to life, we introduce two beloved characters from Hasselt's folklore: Hendrik and Katrien, regarded as the city's first inhabitants.

Hendrik embarks on an extraordinary journey from Hasselt's central marketplace. With the aid of a one-kilometer-long cable, he gracefully traverses the city toward Katrien, his beloved awaiting him at the station. This captivating spectacle unfolds over the course of a week, sparking conversations across Hasselt about Hendrik & Katrien and the forthcoming neighborhood renovation.

Citizen engagement is paramount. People can actively participate by interacting with our endearing couple. Through a simple text message, they have the opportunity to release heart-shaped balloons from Katrien's location, adding to the atmosphere of romance and anticipation.

As the week culminates, a momentous occasion unfolds: Hendrik and Katrien finally share the long-awaited kiss, symbolizing unity and revitalization. This significant event is commemorated by the citizens of Hasselt, who join in by sharing kisses with their loved ones during a performance by Stijn Meuris, singing "Geef me een kus". This moment marks the opening of a pop-up exhibition showcasing the transformation of the railway station quarter.

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