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Le Fabuleux Marcel de Bruxelles

Le Fabuleux Marcel de Bruxelles

With a passion for singlets, Christophe — founder and creative director of UWC, embarked on the journey to establish the Marcel brand. It started with some rough ideas and sketches on a holiday in the south of France. Some months later, the first prototypes and models were sewn, and labels and hangtags were printed with names like Le Fabuleux, Le Vieux, Le Brandon...

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Marcel became an icon and a beloved brand worn by international rockstars. Now, Marcel is one of the successful brands alongside names like Levi's, Tommy Hilfiger and Puma, present in more than 60 ZEB stores, offering an extensive collection for men, women and children.

Special thanks:
co-founders Kaat Blommaert and Ruben Goots
all people involved for making the collections and pushing the brand forward
all models and photographers: Alex Salinas, Kurt Stallaert, Athos Burez and many more

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