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Flanders and Ghent as a cultural and inclusive tourist destination.
The adoration of true love

The adoration of true love

The Belgian region of Flanders welcomes people from every persuasion, colour and form with open arms, irrespective of who they may fall in love with.To relay this message the world over, we used the famous masterpiece ‘The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’ by the Van Eyck brothers. We replaced the outer panels showing Adam and Eve with photos of contemporary couples.

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Throughout the years, the Ghent altarpiece’s Adam and Eve have seen a lot of trouble. They have been censured, covered up and hidden from the public eye century after century. Today, it's easy to be like Adam and Eve if you colour 'inside the lines'. The Van Eyck brothers were all about drawing new lines and doing things their own way. For the many couples that don’t fit the norm, we “hacked” the Ghent altarpiece. In so doing, we demonstrate our dedication to diversity by highlighting our unique artistic heritage and promoting Flanders and Ghent as a cultural and inclusive tourist destination.

Result: one of the most engaging campaigns from Visit Flanders
Region: The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy and France
Total impressions YouTube: 5,914,067
View rate YouTube 25% (30”): 22.63%
View rate YouTube 100% (120”): 9.81%
Post likes Facebook: 32,885
Post shares Facebook: 9,290

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